DJ Sirius Pro

Metal / Gothic / Hardstyle

Bekannt auch unter DJ DIGGER startet seine Kunst 2005 in der Live Factory Adelsheim. Sein erstes DJ Set war bei einer spontanen Metalparty Anfang 2005 in der Live Factory mit dem Namen „666 Metal-Party“( Metal von Accept bis ZZ-Top )

Im Jahr 2006 legte er immer mal wieder in der Live Factoy Adelsheim bei Metal-Events auf und fing an sich auf die Gothic –Scene zu fixieren. So entstand der Schwarze Freitag der einmal pro Monat war.

Der sich 2008 in die Schwarze Nacht änderte. Und aus DJ DIGGER wurde DJ Sirius Pro Zwischendurch legte er auch bei Aftershowpartys nach Konzerten in der Live Factory auf.

DrumNBass / BreakBeat / BrakeCore


Svens career started at the tender age of six, developing a taste for musical direction, later discovering the world of break dance and freestyle in his teenage years.
This was the start of what would become a true love of electronic music that continues in his life today.Svens early influences included the Prodigy, KAF Records & Position Chrome.

1994, Sven had his first experience in spinning with turntables.In early 1996, at the age of just seventeen, Sven has his first gig at a local German nightclub.This soon became the precedence for things to come as later that year,Sven tripled his audience figures during his “The Independence Way of Jungle”.A year later, whilst organising “Radical Fever” Sven found himself promoted to MC,and from that moment became known as Futureline MC.

It was this that lead him to gain residency at the legendary “Airport” club in Würzburg.

Today Futureline is more successful than ever,as well as his accomplishments in his musical career (Sven also sings for the Band 'Alien Beatz Collective', works in cooperation with Beatalistic Recordings and Pirate radio streams direct to Secondlife) his name has become more prominent across the major metropolitan areas of Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Promoted by events including “Meditation”, “Kings of the Jungle”, “ Made in Germany”, “Splash” or “Kingbeatz”.

Now Futureline takes his talent to the United States, with hopes of more success.